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inflatable pfd's - take them with you! see new law, which allows for carrying co2's onto the plane. however, you should always obtain permission prior to travel by contacting the airline directly.

flying with your life jacket - tsa brochure

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are reviews on amazon fakein 2006, the transportation security administration (tsa) in the united states permitted co2 cylinders with an inflatable pfd to pass through their security checkpoints, only to reverse that decision roughly 45 days later when the liquids and gels terrorist plot broke open.

effective august 4, 2007, the tsa again permits the co2 cylinders with an inflatable pfd through their security checkpoints. the permission process this time went through the white house and congress. it is expected that this approval will stay in place much longer due to a much broader approval process. tsa screeners across the united states have been trained already and are prepared to let these through. look under "disabling chemicals & other dangerous items" for specifics: http://tinyurl.com/ptxdw

are reviews on amazon fakeremember though, it is still each airlines choice whether to allow these on their airplanes and each sets their own policies (roughly 1/2 allow them and 1/2 don't). check with your airline (and connecting or return flights) or their websites to make sure they allow them before you travel.

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