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today at our south plainfield new jersey plant…leland processes millions of disposable gas filled cylinders and assembles and tests dozens of products for use in the aerospace, medical, beverage and safety industries. our approach to business today is essentially the same as it was 42 years ago, continually improve to provide the customer the ultimate in total satisfaction. our support and focus towards our customers and employees sets us apart in the fields that we participate in. research and development of high pressure disposable products is priority investment for our future.
the employees at leland are well trained and motivated team members who are empowered to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements through a process of continual improvement of our quality management system. leland now boasts the highest employee retention rate in 30 years.
  people and teamwork…a dedicated group of employees who seek to bring value to every transaction and interaction with the customer. a great sense of pride exists at leland as we truly believe that every customer is special and has needs well beyond a published price list. we are one human family.
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sales and marketing

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from the work in our r&d areas we have realized many new and exciting technologies that have emerged. as we move forward, we often realize how little we know. that reminds us to follow our quest to go further and deeper than before.

we hope you’ll enjoy reading a bit more about our company.


leland industries was established in july, 1964 by mr. george a. stanford and mr. carl h. sollmann. their principle business was to manufacture soda syphons, cream whippers for home use and purchase and distribute small high pressure gas filled cylinders to the aerospace industry and military. before starting leland, they were already deep in the markets working the trade show circuit for kidde manufacturing in bloomfield.
as the consumer markets were growing post war, george stanford finished his military service in the us air force reserve.
he was a master of public relations. something the military loved to do was to show off their planes. photo shoots were common place for him and he knew what people wanted to see.
circa 1963. george stanford (right) knew the value of long term relationships and always made everyone feel welcome and important. he his standing with vaughn alexander, then president of wt grant (middle).
as kidde was peaking in the consumer products area, the kidde family pulled the plug on the belleville nj manufacturing lines. sollmann and stanford knew what they needed to do; as they had already spent years developing products for their customers to benefit from. now they had to pull together what they knew; george stanford, the marketing man and carl sollmann, the engineer — one powerful collaboration. sollmann was an enthusiastic student of japan and its culture. his engineering background and love of “those curious japanese” empowered him to put many interesting products into the pipeline. considering that packaging gases into disposable containers was his specialty, and his career as president of manufacturing at kidde had ended, "not only were products designed, but they were often works of art that could be mass produced”.
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