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proseries co2 powerclean锟?
co2 is a dry gas that leaves no residue dispense high velocity pure co2 through a tuned nozzle. it is the most effective cleaning power without touching the surface. professional photographers and lab technicians around the world use the proseries with co2.
the valve head has a feather touch control button ergonomically placed so that delicate cleaning skills can be achieved quickly. this picture shows a red button proseries valve part no. 87100 by leland with a co2 filled cylinder part no. 52101 and a blunt end cut off dispensing tube part no. 87003.
just screw in a new 74g co2 powersource™ cylinder and the valve seals immediately without loss of gas. these cylinders are fitted with a patented safe sealing cap which allows safe handling of the cylinder. even shipping these cylinders is safe and simple. order part no. 52101 for individual cylinders or a 2 pack part no. 50502.
part no. 54100 leland co2 powerclean锟?proseries 74g co2 dust and particle remover system supplied with 1ea 74g co2 filled cylinder, 2ea nozzles (one tapered and one blunt end cut off), proseries valve with feather touch dispensing and lock out button and a rubber base to attach to cylinder as a table top stand.

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