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the information contained herein

is for reference only.  for the most accurate drawings and specifications

please contact our sales  or engineering team.

thank you.

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common gas filled cylinders:


leland part no body diameter overall length neck type water vol (cc) gas type gas weight (g) special note
40106 0.375 1.00 0.287" 1 co20.75  
40106iiar900 0.3751.00 0.287"1 ar0.102 900 psi
40106iin21050 0.3751.00 0.287" 1 n2**  
40106iin21750 0.3751.00 0.287"1 n2** 1750 psi
40106iin22750 0.3751.00 0.287" 1 n20.123 2750 psi
40106iin2900 0.3751.00 0.287"1 n20.071 900 psi
40106in21750 0.3751.00 0.287" 1 n20.118 1750 psi
40107-0010.375 1.50 0.287"1.5 co21.13 medical cert
40107iin21000 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.119 1000 psi
40107iin21350 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 n20.152 1350 psi
40107iin21500 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.169 1500 psi
40107iin21650 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 n20.185 1650 psi
40107iin21750 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.198 1750 psi
40107iin22000 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 n20.227 2000 psi
40107iin22200 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.271 2200 psi
40107iin22250 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 n2** 2250 psi
40107iin22400 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n2** 2400 psi
40107iin22750 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 n20.308 2750 psi
40107iin2900 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.101 900 psi
40107iin2co2 0.3751.50 0.287"1.5 co21 2750 psi n2 charge
40107in21500 0.3751.50 0.287" 1.5 n20.169 1500 psi
401070.375 1.50 0.287"1.5 co21.0  
40121 0.716 2.638 3/8"-24 10.2 co28.0  
40101n221000.732 2.52 0.338"10 n21.8 2100 psi
40101n2-3000psi 0.7322.52 0.338" 10 n21.85 3000 psi
401020.732 2.52 0.338"10 co28  
40105 0.732 2.52 0.338" 10 co28.0 safety cap
40105-0010.732 2.52 0.323"10 n24.2  
80111 0.732 2.52 0.338" 10 co28.0  
811010.732 3.248 0.344"15 co212  
81122 0.732 3.25 3/8"-24 14 co212.0  
42101n227000.732 3.268 0.339"15 n23 2700 psi
80121 0.735 2.54 3/8"-24 10 co28.0  
80121sf60.735 2.54 3/8"-2410 sf69.0 mil-c 601
81121 0.735 3.25 3/8"-24 14 co212.0 mil-c-6016, type ii
411210.740 3.248 3/8"-2414.3 co212.0  
42221 0.745 3.24 0.287" 14 co212.0 air gun type
422220.745 3.24 0.287"15 co212.0 universal fit
42224 0.745 3.24 0.287" 15 co212.0  
421040.858 3.43 0.322"20 co215.5  
42105 0.858 3.437 0.364" 21 co215.5 food grade
421010.858 3.465 0.364"21 co215  
82122n22600 0.858 3.48 3/8"-24 20 n22.8 2600 psi
80122z0.860 3.48 3/8"-2420 co28  
80123 0.860 3.48 3/8"-24 20 co210.0  
81123z0.860 3.48 3/8"-2420 co212.0  
82122z 0.860 3.48 3/8"-24 20 co216.0  
82123z0.860 3.898 3/8"-2423 co216  
42122ar 0.866 3.48 3/8"-24 21 ar16  
421060.882 3.50 0.364"21.3 co216 food grade
84203n22700 1.00 3.701 1/2"-20 28 n224.5 2700 psi
84201z1.00 4.05 1/2"-2030 co220.0  
84203z 1.00 4.05 1/2"-20 30 co223.0  
842011.00 4.055 1/2"-2030 co220.0  
84121z 1.00 4.14 3/8"-24 33 co225.0  
84204z1.00 4.72 1/2"-2035 co224.0  
85202z 1.00 5.50 1/2"-20 44 co233.0  
25369ii1.00 5.50 1/2"-2043 co229.0  
25369ii19 1.00 5.50 1/2"-20 43 co219.0 mil-prf, type ii
25369iiprf1.00 5.50 1/2"-2043 co229.0 mil-prf, type ii
25369iin21000 1.005.50 1/2"-20 43 n23.0 1000 psi
25369iin21500 1.005.50 1/2"-2043 n24.9 1500 psi
25369iin23000 1.005.50 1/2"-20 43 n29.3 mil-c, 3000 psi
25369i1.125 4.97 3/4"-1640 co226.0  
85204 1.125 5.50 1/2"-20 49 co235.0  
85204z1.125 5.50 1/2"-2049 co235.0  
25369iii 1.125 5.50 1/2"-20 49 co235.0  
25369iiifc1.125 5.50 1/2"-2049 co235.0  
25369iiiprf 1.125 5.50 1/2"-20 49 co235.0 mil-prf, type iii
86202z1.18 4.65 1/2"-2050 co237.5  
86121z 1.18 4.65 3/8"-24 50 co238.0  
86202z1.18 4.65 1/2"-2050 co238.0  
87202z 1.18 5.43 1/2"-20 60 co245.0  
890601.18 6.80 1/2"-2081 co260.0  
89070 1.18 8.07 1/2"-20 100 co270.0  
87203z1.181 7.047 1/2"-2083 co260  
89086 1.38 7.48 1/2"-20 114 co286.0  
890751.38 8.07 1/2"-20100 co275.0  
52053air 1.50 4.50 1/2"-20 74 air18  
52053co21.50 4.50 1/2"-2074 co259.0 mil-c 52053
52053n2 1.50 4.50 1/2"-20 74 n217.4 mil-c, 3000 psi
52053n215001.50 4.50 1/2"-2074 n28.4 mil-c, 1500 psi
87201 1.57 5.11 1/2"-20 95 co260.0  
872041.57 5.11 1/2"-2095 co268.0  
88123 1.57 5.27 5/8"-18 98 n218.0 2700 psi
88100z1.57 5.27 5/8"-1898 co274.0 safety cap
87204n222700 1.5755.118 1/2"-20 95 n217.4  
49616he1.575 5.236 5/8"-1895 he2.0 2100 psi
49615he 1.575 5.276 5/8"-18 95 he2.5 2500 psi
872071.575 5.276 5/8"-1895 co268.0  
88124 1.575 5.276 5/8"-18 98 ar26.9  
500221.575 5.433 5/8"-1898 o222.5  
55300 1.575 5.63 3/4"-16 97 air30.2 4500 psi
500261.575 5.709 5/8"-1898 o224.7  
8975n2 1.968 6.929 1/2"-20 220 n275  
893151.969 12.284 1/2"-20445 co2315  
89230 1.97 10.47 1/2"-20 350 co2230  
892801.97 12.40 1/2"-20425 co2280  
89120 1.97 7.00 1/2"-20 215 co2120  
891351.97 7.00 1/2"-20215 co2135  
89150 1.97 7.40 1/2"-20 230 co2150  
892001.97 9.25 1/2"-20300 co2200  
89231 2.36 08.15 1/2"-20 365 co2230  
892502.36 08.85 1/2"-20400 co2250  
89265 2.36 08.85 1/2"-20 400 co2265  
892902.36 09.80 1/2"-20460 co2290  
89440 2.36 13.46 1/2"-20 670 co2440  
896702.36 19.45 1/2"-201000 co2670  
89770 2.36 19.45 1/2"-20 1000 co2770  

table 1: quick reference guide: sizing by cylinder diametertable 1

need help with unit conversions? click here

table 2: sealing cap guide: type and energy needed
table 2

need help with unit conversions? click here

diagram 1

explanation 1

these are examples of some sealing caps, which are available to close off the end of a gas filled cylinder. we offer technical support to assist you in the proper selection of these options.

diagram 2

explanation 2

this cylinder is fitted with an innovative break off tip (bot) sealing cap. applications requiring low work energy to release the gas can benefit from our technology. it is not for everyone though, as special care and handling is required due to the sensitive nature of this gas release mechanism.

table 3: quick reference guide: gases, grades and relationshipstable 3a
table 3b

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this table is a reference guide to help you think about the type of gas you may require. we offer virtually any gas or blend there is; but generally, not toxic gases, as we place the safety of our employees (and you) as a high priority. please contact us for detailed information about a specific cylinder, as there are many factors that affect the quantity and pressure of the stored gas in our cylinders.

piercing pins and unique cylinder attachments

diagram 3

puncture pin explanation

diagram 4
the shape and style of a puncture pin relates to its intended use. diagram 3 shows a typical life jacket style pin where the user will advance the pin into the puncture cap. diagram 4 shows what a puncture pin should look like if the cylinder is advanced onto the pin. a seal is required in both situations to prevent gas leakage.

diagram 5

cylinder attachment

diagram 6
the most common method to attach the cylinder is by means of a thread. the advancing cylinder strikes the puncture pin shown in diagram 6. another method used in the life jacket industry is a bayonet fitting attached to the threaded end. bayonets allow quick and positive engagement as shown in diagram 5. the ergonomics of your product will be important design input criteria for the cylinder and how the user is expected to replace it.

this chart can help you understand two key principals regarding carbon dioxide as temperature affects both the pressure and expanded volume. please note that every effort has been made to make this information accurate, however, it is only for reference and must not be relied on for design safety.

all co2 filled cylinders have a specific inside volume, this is called the water capacity and is usually measured in cc units. co2 has mass when compressed and this co2 mass divided by the inside water volume of a cylinder equals the 'filing density' or also known as the 'filling ratio'.

the us dot and the cga typically specify a maximum filling ratio for co2 of 68%.
the uscg specifies a maximum filling ratio for co2 cylinders used for inflatable life jackets to be 75% maximum.
the us military specifications cover several ranges of co2 cylinders and typically use 80% as a filling ratio.

you have to know what the filling ratio is for a specific cylinder in order to fully understand the relationships shown on this chart. here, we used the assumption of a 75% filling ratio. the pressure rise will look very different if we plot a line using an 80% filling ratio.

please utilize the contact form to obtain more information. we are here to help you.
leland gas technologies - engineering team
mass production of special needs: photos below are not actual size. however, indication of scale is shown where possible.

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1. this nitrogen filled cylinder is charged to 2700 psi and welded closed for zero leakage. the 1⁄2-20unf2a threaded neck and 100 hour rated leland superzinc coating make it common in many applications.
2. a crimp closure is common to lock in the gas when it has oxidizer properties, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide. your application requirements may necessitate this type of closure. please contact us so we can help you decide what type of closure is right for you.
3. the indentation in this cap was a military design to prevent the puncture pin in the inflation assembly from touching the cap surface prematurely during high g takeoffs and landings by fighter pilots. we can design specialized puncture caps to accommodate virtually any situation. all tools are produced in house.
4. ever wonder what a side curtain airbag cylinder looks like? this cylinder is custom made for a top auto maker. we have dot approval for ultra high pressure (uhp) cylinders with filling pressures of over 6,000 psi.
5. a 98cc internal (water) capacity cylinder is about as large as you can go before the need to seek a dot approval. this distinction is important to applications that require normal ups style shipping without costly hazardous materials fees. the leland web site has more specific information about safety and shipping.
6. we regularly make disposables with an internal capacity of 1000cc. when filled with co2, that translates to a gas mass of 670g. all our cylinder products over 110cc are dot approved as nrc containers. we have tooling for several common diameters and welcome custom requests.
7. “small as a pencil eraser” was our vision in 2001 to accommodate the needs of the medical industry for drug delivery devices. these are very strong little cylinders with <1.5cc of water capacity. we often fill them with liquid co2 or n2 to pressures of up to 2750 psi.

mini cartridges

leland brings to the design table miniaturized gas filled cartridges with an indefinite storage life. these cartridges, as small as 1" long, can have stored pressures up to 3000 psi. they are quite efficiently made and millions are kept in stock at any given time. many types of gases can be used. regulators and control valves are typically available for most applications. the cartridges are puncturable and when welded closed, provide an extremely reliable and unique way to store energy.

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mini cartridges are defined as a pressure vessel with an internal water capacity less than 9cc. filling pressures may be achieved of up to 4,000 psi under certain circumstances.

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current outside diameter is 0.375” and lengths from 1.00" to 1.77" are standard. all mini cartridges are puncturable. the pierce force is <160nf using a 2.1mm diameter puncture pin. although the ‘work’ curves are not shown here, they are consistent from lot to lot. both pad printing and dot matrix printing methods have been used to mark these cylinders

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the cap in this example released from water pressure of 12,000psi. (hydrostatic)

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the table below shows most of the mini cartridges stocked at out south plainfield facility. mass production pricing is quoted directly based on many parameters. in most instances, samples can be procured for a nominal cost.


large dot cylinders

leland now offers a large range of puncture type welded closed gas filled cylinders to north america. these large cylinders begin at 86g co2 fill and go all the way to 440g. the puncturable ends are threaded to 1/2-20unf2a to allow use with standard life jacket style inflators. manual and auto inflators easily puncture these cylinders

mini-life rafts for the us army, uscg and us navy are just one use where a welded closed zero leakage gas filled cylinder is specified. excessive g loads, shock, and harsh salt environments are the standard criteria for these dot approved pressure vessels. although they meet the refillable safety standards as well, the "disposable" dot approval is an economic advantage to the oem, allowing new and useful products to hit the streets at a lower per unit cost with the reduction of complicated valves, hydrostatic tests, etc.

verification of gas charge is easily accomplished by weighing the cylinder and comparing the indicated weight to the actual. welded closed cylinders are a reliable energy source, recorded periodic inspection is important as a further step to provide a statistical representation of quality to the end user.

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the us dot has approved a higher filling ratio of co2 for life raft inflation to meet the requirement of the new us navy and usaf requirements for one and two man inflatable life rafts. the new programs will also feed the interest of the commercial and recreational fishing markets as small lightweight and affordable life rafts can go into service for many years without requiring a bottle change. the key advantage of the small life raft is that it gets the person out of the cold water which significantly increases the chance of survival. specific data regarding the restrictions of these 75% fill ratio cylinders can be viewed here. leland can also fill with high pressure n2 for cold applications. recent developments in material have also lead to a thinner wall thickness, from 3.0mm down to 2.5mm. not only is there a savings in weight, but there is the increased inside capacity as well. operating with three diameters of large cylinders allows many opportunities to design cylinders in custom lengths to meet specific product envelopes.

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  • color coded cap
  • protective sleeves
  • double puncture ends
  • 2000 hr. corrosion proof paint
  • stainless steel
  • custom imprinting
  • bar coding
  • gas charges
  • he
  • n2
  • ar and others up to 2750 psi

this entire line of gas filled cylinders meet and exceed all of the requirements of the united states department of transportation as: dot 39, nrc, (non refillable container)
dot approval doc for 75% filling ratio

they are approved for all modes of transportation and are considered hazardous material when transported by ground, air, or sea. other sizes are available as well as filling with any non toxic, non flammable gas. some oxidizer gases cannot be welded in. usually, we can fill to pressures up to 2750 psi max. please call our technical sales department.

zero size=-1>
these types of these types of cylinders, welded closed, are mission specific in that they will contain 100% of the energy originally filled. operating ranges of 0锟絝 to 140锟絝 are easily accomplished.

more information click here

if your requirements are outside of the range of product possibilities shown here,
please take a moment to contact us. our tech team will be happy to assist you.

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